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Edit Disclaimer and Special Instructions on Client Schedule

On version 4200, you have the ability to customize your disclaimer on the Comp/Baseline summary and the Client Schedule, as well as the special instructions on the Client Schedule.

To do this, open the Reports Tab and then:

a. Click File --> b. Clinic Information

c. Click the Advanced Options tab.

d. Make sure you have checked the box next to "Show Report Schedule."

e. Use the top section to make choices about how you want the Special Instructions to show up on the Client Schedule.

f. Use the bottom section to make choices about how you want the Disclaimer to show up on the Client Schedule and the Comp/Baseline Summary.

g. After saving your changes, you can click Preview to see how it looks on the documents.

For example, in the photo above, I decide to use the default text for both options, and I want them black, with no yellow background on the disclaimer. When I click preview, it looks like this:

In the example below, I decide to use custom text for the special instructions and make them red. I want it to say, "Don't drink water ever again." I leave the disclaimer as the default text and black, but I add the yellow background. I click save:

If I click preview while in the schedule tab, with these options selected, this is how it will look:

Remember, the disclaimer will show up the same on the Comp/Baseline summary. To see that one, click the Comp/Baseline Summary tab and click preview.

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  • 08-Dec-2017