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Import Protocol Instructions

Note:  This can only be done if you have updated to or later.  It takes about 1 minute to import each protocol (the number of protocols you want to import is the number of minutes it should take you).

If you know how to import items to your Custom List, then this should be very easy for you because the process is very similar.  One exception is that you can only import one protocol at a time.

1)     You should be emailed a zip file containing all the protocols.

a.      Download the zip file and open it up.

b.      Inside the zip file there will be one folder for every one protocol.

c.      The name of the file is the name of the protocol (you will need to know the name to import).

d.      Each folder should contain 4 files (ExportProtocolFile, ExportProtocolCategory, ExportProtocolFilter, ExportProtocol).  There are 4 files for every 1 protocol.

2)      Choose which ONE protocol you want to import first and open that folder up.  Save those 4 files in your “ImportExport” file on your Qest4.  To do this:        

a.         Highlight all four files by holding the Ctrl button and clicking on each file with the mouse.

       b.      Copy the files by right clicking and choosing “copy”

       c.      Got to your C drive

       d.      Find your Qest4 Folder and open it up

       e.      Find your ImportExport folder and open it up.  If there are any files currently in that folder, delete them.

       f.      Paste the files into that folder by right clicking in the empty space and choosing “paste.”

3)     Open your Qest4 application.

a.      Note:  You do not need your hardware connected to import protocols.  If you do not want to connect your hardware, make sure you have the “no hardware” box checked at the bottom of the “Clients” tab.

b.      Go to the “Create Tests” tab.

c.      Above “Available Tests” on the left side there should be a button that says, “Import Protocol.” Click on this button.

d.      A box should pop up asking you the name of the protocol you are trying to import.  You must type the name EXACTLY as it appears on the folder that was sent to you.  If you do not type the name EXACTLY then no change will be made to the Qest4 program.

e.      If everything goes as planned, a message will appear telling you that the protocol should pop up at the end of your list of protocols.

f.       Click “Okay” and scroll to the bottom of your list of protocols.  Click on the protocol that you just imported.  If the protocol information appears in the “Test Details” box then you have successfully imported your protocol.

4)     Once all protocols are imported, save a backup of your Qest4 on a USB in case you ever need to re-install your software. 


1)      If nothing seems to have changed, then it is one of three things: 

a.      You tried to import a protocol you already have.

b.      You spelled the name of the protocol incorrectly.

2)     If you get a message telling you that there is not a protocol available, then it is one of three things:

a.      The 4 protocol files have been placed in the wrong folder.  Make sure these files are placed in the ImportExport folder.

b.      You have more files in your ImportExport folder than just the 4 protocol files (i.e. a custom category item you were importing or exporting earlier).  Make sure all files are deleted from your ImportExport folder before you save the protocol files. 

c.      You are trying to import more than one protocol at a time.  Make sure you only have 4 files in your ImportExport folder and all four of those files belong to the same protocol.

d.      One (or more) of the file names in the ImportExport folder have been changed.  If you download a file with the same name as a file that is already on the computer, then the computer will automatically add a number to the end of the file name.  If there is a number added to the end of a file name in the ImportExport folder, that file will not import.  Change the name of the file back to its original name by taking out the number.  You will have to delete all files that have the same name as the files in your ImportExport folder before changing the file name. 

If you are still having trouble importing your protocol please submit a ticket at and choose the “Protocol Import” category. 

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  • 05-Oct-2017