Current version of software is 4.3 / DB:

How to Move Your Software & Data to a New Computer

Transferring your data to a new computer may seem daunting if you are unsure of how the process is carried out. In reality, it’s a straightforward process and it is highly unlikely that any data loss will occur if these steps are followed:

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to ensure the version of the software on your new (or reformatted) computer is the same as your previous computer.
Data from version 40016 or lower is only compatible with the same (or lower version). Data from version 4105 and higher is only compatible with software version 4105 and higher. If you try to restore or move data to an incompatible version the data will not appear. This is applicable to all data – clients, custom products, tests, and protocols.

1. Upon buying your new laptop/computer, ensure you still have the relevant software data USB stick to install the software from.
2. NOTE: Ensure that all Microsoft Windows updates are fully installed on your new computer and that any firewalls are temporarily disabled before commencing installation.
3. Refer to the ‘Backup Data’ section to find out how to save your client data from your existing computer. Carry out the full step by step process now before beginning the installation. Save your backed up data to your external hard drive or memory stick and have your data source on hand when you begin the installation on your new computer.
4. Insert the software USB into your new computer, ‘Autoplay’ will load. Select ‘Open folder to view files’ and then select the ‘setup.exe’ file. Do NOT plug your system in to the computer at this point.
5. Follow the installation process through until fully complete (hardwire or portable). Attach your system to your new computer and the system drivers will install automatically. With any issues with the installation of drivers, such as Comport error messages, refer to the relevant section in this guide.
6. Open the system software in the usual way to ensure the installation has completed successfully. Now, close the system software and connect your USB on which your data is saved, into the new computer.
7. Select ‘Open to view files’ when ‘Autoplay’ loads, locate the ‘Backup’ file you have saved on your USB. Click on the file once and highlight it, then right click and select the ‘Copy’ option. Your backup file is now ready to be transferred on to your new computer.
8. Click on ‘Start’ on your desktop window, select ‘Computer/My Computer’ and select the ‘(C:)’ drive. Select ‘Qest4’ and then ‘Backup’. Right click in the Backup window and select Paste. You should now see the file located within the folder, ready to be restored. Your data transfer is now complete. Make sure you take note of the last four digits of the file number, so it is clear which file needs to be restored.
9. Load the system software again, select ‘File’ and then select ‘Restore Database’. A ‘CAUTION’ message will show on the screen asking you if you wish to continue and warning you data loss could occur. Select ‘Yes’ to continue as no data can be lost at this stage. A list of cabinet files will load. Highlight the relevant file. Select ‘Restore’, the software will now close and reload. After the system software has reloaded, check to see that all Client data has been recovered, including any previously created Custom tests.

Your system re-installation is now complete.

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  • 02-May-2017