Current version of software is 4.3 / DB:

Error: Administrator level privilege

If you receive the error reading "Your application does not have Administrator level privileges and will now shutdown."

You will need to run your system software by "Run as Administrator".

  • To do this "right-click" on the Qest/Asyra software ICON and select "Properties" --> "Advanced" --> click on the box that says "Run as administrator"
  • NOTE: If you "right-click" on the Qest/Asyra software ICON and select "Run as administrator" with the yellow and blue shield, (you do not follow the exact steps explained above) you will have to do it each time you want to open your software.

This should start up the program as usual. An administrative password may be requested which is set up for computer security.

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  • 30-May-2017