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Custom Update

  • These are used when a new update is available but not automatic (you are not prompted to update when you open your software).  
  • This is considered a "soft" release.  When an update has been available for a few weeks in this manner we then make it automatic.
  • Custom updates are not always available - if there is no code at the bottom of this article then a custom update is not currently available.

To make a custom release available:

  • Click on "File" --> "Web Update" 
  • When the yellow pop-up box appears type the code in the text box and click "Custom Update"
    • This is different for each update and is located at the bottom of this article)
  • It will process your request and, if an update is available, will show a check in the appropriate boxes related to the update.
  • Click "Update Now"

Current Code: None available at this time.  The most current software version available can be downloaded by forcing an update. 

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  • 05-Aug-2017